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Guiding You to Financial Freedom

Tax Planning

               We like to say, “It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep”.  Tax planning is not something you do on April 15th.  All you’re doing is turning in your scorecard – it’s called a 1040.  Tax planning is something you do throughout the year, and throughout your life.  In some cases, our recommendations may help you today, while others are designed to help you later in life.  In fact, it’s remarkable how much of a high percentage of our clients (and likely middle and upper middle class) are actually in a lower marginal income tax bracket today than they will be in retirement.

                M&A prides itself most on its extensive knowledge of the tax laws as they apply to financial planning, particularly retirement planning.  We have been providing educational seminars, as well as tax planning as a routine service to our clients, as we have taken the seemingly complex tax laws and broken them down into an easy-to-understand manner.  In doing so, we teach our clients the fundamentals of tax planning, and show them the basics of the tax code as we develop specific strategies to help them achieve their financial goals and objectives.

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