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Trusted Financial Planning with Guidance Through Education

financial planning explained

Financial Planning Explained

Join us weekly as Mike interviews industry experts, business owners, and corporate executives to take a closer look at the 6 fundamentals of Financial Planning and creative ways to help improve your financial success!

Financial Planning Explained
weekly market recap

Weekly Market Recap

Check out our weekly market recap to see how the market performed the prior week.

Weekly Market Recap
tricks of the trade

Tricks of the Trade

Join us each month for a unique "Trick of the Trade" to keep you ahead of the curve.

Tricks of the Trade

Members of Menninger & Associates Financial Planning team

Welcome to Menninger & Associates!

Our philosophy when working with clients is based on the fundamentals of financial planning which include tax planning, investment planning, retirement planning, insurance planning, and estate planning. Further, we strongly believe that education and knowledge are powerful, and we aim to teach our clients "WHY," in order to support the strategies and recommendations we provide.  At Menninger & Associates we value family and strive to conduct multi-generational planning for our clients to help maximize efficiency of wealth transfer. Additionally, much like we recommend succession planning for our business-owning clients, our firm has established a business succession plan for employees that will help ensure financial planning continuity to our clients for generations to come. We know that the only way our clients will truly be happy working with us is if every team member is aligned on the same principles. With two easy-to-reach locations in the Greater Philadelphia area, contact us today for your introductory consultation where we will perform an extensive and detailed evaluation of your unique financial situation, and begin planning out your financial future for many years to come.

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Benefits of Working with a Financial Planner

  • CFP awarded by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.
  • Routinely track asset allocation and investment performance
  • Provide insight on wealth management, tax planning, insurance planning, investment planning, retirement planning, and estate planning
  • Answer questions and provide education to add clarity to your financial goals
  • Develop a more holistic plan to pursue your financial goals in the long term
  • Confidence knowing that your finances are being actively managed by qualified professionals

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