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Tax Planning Seminar

Dates:  October 3rd & November 20th

Time:  6:00 - 8:00 PM 

Location:  Perkiomen Valley High School, Room #135

Cost: $50 + $25 per additional guest

It’s not how much you make; it’s how much you keep. Know your rights as a taxpayer and don’t let the IRS make off with even more of your hard-earned money. This course walks you through a complex subject and makes it simple for nearly everyone. Learn how to legally get the most out of your taxes while developing strategies that will help you both now and in the future. Some of these basic techniques can save you tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime. The instructor is an industry-leading adviser who has taught taxes to CPA’s as well as the general public.

PLEASE RSVP TO 610-422-3773 or fill out information below